sábado, 23 de enero de 2010

Despues de unas vacaciones estoy aqui otra vez =)

Hola amigos del blog que tal ¡¡¡¡, despues de las fiestas y de toda la diversion que tuve , kede super cansada, ( y de comer mucho tambien =P) bueno ya estoy de vuelta con las pilas recargadas, y lista para mas diversion aki, enl blogilandia =P, aprovechare esta tarde para dar un vistazo por algunos blogs,haber las novedades que hay ,bueno y durante este tiempo pinte unas cositas, que ahora compartire con ustedes ,bueno aqui voy mostrandolas , bueno para hacereste portalapicero primero pinte con azul metalico despues que seke bien , aplike una capa de crakelador despues de 5 minutos , aplike otra capa y despues de 5 minutos mas lo pinte con pintura celesta ,pero esta vez la pintura la aplike con mis dedos , y las imagenes que use las imprimi en papel arroz, pero deben dejar que seke por todo un dia ,porke si no la tinta se corre, ok .Hi blogging friends, i hope all you is having a great saturday ...finally i am back after several days of vacations, and during the past days i have made two little piece of art , that i am going to share whit all of you , yesterday I took some pcitures , the nightlight didnt help me as you can see =(, well,i am goint to tell you as I made this penholder, firtly i pinted wiht metalic blue paint then i applied crakle paint ( twice ) then after 10 minutes i pinted it wiht blue sky paint ( using my fingers )
here a close up
A side view of my crackle penholder
and here I leave you the image i used ( angelsss ,arent they sweet ? ) =)
this is a whole view of my ....i dont know how to call it =P, but you can use to hold bracelets and neck laces , the images i used for it, were found on the internet , and i printed them on rice paper and I had to leave to dry it , for a whole day, so I could use them with out problems
here a close up of the top
here some of the images i use for it, and finally i also want to tell you that a few days ago i found some great blogs, and I put their links to the right of my blog so if you want some of inspiration and if you like vintage style , go and chek them out , =), well that is all for now i ll be back next month, thanks for stoping by and i hope you have a fabulous weekend =), bueno amigos eso es todo por ahora posteare mas el proximo mes, ke tengan un lindo fin de semana , ok amigos, byeeeeeeeee

No pude encontrar la imagen de la flor que use ,pero aki dejo una parecida ok .



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