lunes, 19 de julio de 2010

refrigerator magnets

hi, guys, sorry I am late posting this post, I had to do it on mothers ' day, anyway never is too late ,isnt it ??''' well as you know I have loads of old cds waiting for me to use them, so I pick up 26 cds and printed 26 images of funny litlle girls i found on internet ( cut them out )and then decoupaged them on each cd , added some sparkle in the whole edge of each cd , painted the back and finally sprayed all the cds and glued a magnet on the back of each cd, and that was the gift i made for the mothers of my neighborhood on mothers ' day , well i ll be back in a few days whit pic of my first painting,and whit more news =),see you later guys, holas chicas, esta vez traje las fotitos de unos cds que converti en imanes para la regrigeradroa, bueno este fue un regalo para las madres de la comunidad , y a ellas les gutaron mucho , oo h ke alegria =),no se como se me pudo olvidar mostrarlos antes, bueno aki dejo las imagenes, y dejos las imagenes por si las quieren usar, bueno bye a todas, volvere dentro de pokito con fotitos de mi primer cuadro ok, byeeeeee

2 comentarios:

Rosana dijo...

Me encantaron!!!
Gracias por compartir las imagenes.

lk46 dijo...

hello my friend.
Lovly pictures!
Hope you are well!
Have a nice day!
Hugs Lene



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